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Welcome to the first blog of the new edition of Solar Boat Twente! Since the website got transformed to our new look, the blogging can continue. Presumed that you, as reader, do not know a lot about this team the first blog will function as an introduction. In this blog the team structure will be explained.

The team

We are a team of 14 students with the goal to build a solar boat. To realise this several parts of the boat need to be designed and realized. This is the responsibility of the technical team. This team is split into four subteams, each has their own responsibility for a part of the boat.

We start with the part that makes sure the boat will float and to which all the other parts are attached; the hull. The Structural Team is responsible for this part. They need to make sure the boat will be strong enough to handle all the forces it will be confronted with.  

The next team makes sure the boat can actually move, the propulsion team. This subteam looks at the connections between the steering wheel and the propeller, with as central point the electromotor.

The mechanical control of the motor is in control of the propulsion team, but the electrical control is designed by the electronics team. This, in combination with all other electrical parts like the solar panels and batteries are the concerns of this team. They need to make sure the boat gets enough power during the race.

All the teams mentioned so far are very typical when designing a boat, right? Well, not for our team since we want to design a floating solar boat. The subteam who needs to take care of creating a big enough upwards force to let the boat float is the hydrofoil team. They will design wings which will be attached at the bottom of the boat with as function to push the hull above the water. This way there is less contact with the water, which results in less friction and thus in a more efficient way of moving forward.

Next to the technical team, there is also a communication team. This team is also split in multiple subteams.

First of all, there is a team which is in contact with our partners; the external relations team. This team is mostly in contact with people who are not part of our team. So, if you are thinking about getting in touch with our team, you can do that via them.

Another way to get in touch with the solar boat is to visit us during events. These events are organized by the events team. They organize our own events and make sure we can visit external events.

The last team remaining is the public relations team or in short PR. This team is in charge of the social media and with that the appearance to the outside world. For example the new logo and corporate identity, just as this blog are designed in cooperation with them.

To make sure all the previously named teams can do there work properly there is the management. They need to make sure the team can operate smoothly and helps with making the right decisions which can include multiple subteams.

Before we end this blog, there is an schematic overview at the bottom of this blog which summarizes all this information. In the next blog we will provide more information about the subteams.

See you next time!


Rob van Zee

Technisch Teamleider Solar Boat Twente

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