Introduction management

At Solar Boat Twente, the management keeps an overview of the planning and ensures that the team continues to focus on the end goal. They try to see the big picture so the end goal is kept in mind, they are therefore also responsible for the end result. The management consists of 3 people who all perform different tasks.

Xavier has just completed his Bachelor’s degree and will be working full-time for Solar Boat Twente as team manager next year, so Xavier will be the face of the team. His duties within the team in the coming year will be to motivate and guide team members in their work, create and maintain a good working atmosphere by, for example, organizing team outings, but also keeping an overview and providing financial resources. Furthermore, the team manager is also the general face of the team, and is therefore also responsible towards partners. He will also ensure that we can participate in the races and organizes everything around these races. All in all a function with many different tasks.

Thom is the technical manager of the team and is postponing his master’s for another year to gain more practical experience. As a technical manager, he will manage the technical team, help where needed, make sure that decisions are made and that everything runs according to plan to ensure progress. It is very important that the design and construction of the boat goes according to plan so that there is enough time for testing before the races. For the coming year, the technical team will try to build a reliable flying boat in order to sail in the most efficient way.

Jorieke will be the communication manager of the team this year and will keep an overview of the communication tasks within the team, such as external affairs, PR and events. In the previous team, all communication tasks were divided among people who were mainly concerned with the technical aspects of the boat and not one person was ultimately responsible. This year, unlike last year, a number of people will be primarily engaged in communication tasks within the team, which means that a better focus can be placed on the search for partners, the outward appearance, the awareness and presence of the team at events. Jorieke will ensure that these tasks are well balanced and that it is in accordance with the planning of the technical team.

Because the management keeps an overview of what needs to be done to reach the final goal, the rest of the team can focus on their duties. In the coming week we will also introduce the different sub teams to you.

From left to right: Thom Kuenen, Xavier Roosendaal, Jorieke Moorlag
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