Introduction team Structural

A very important part of the boat is the hull, all other parts are attached to it. In the coming year, the team structural will be involved in designing and laying the hull.

Team structural this year will consist of Arend and Nick. Their goal is to make the hull as firm and solid as possible,  but at the same time as light as possible. By making the boat firm and solid you prevent the boat from breaking or getting water in it. If the boat is light you need less energy and it becomes easier to “fly”. Arend and Nick will work closely together to make this all possible. They will do this by delving into which materials would be the best choice for both the outside and the inside.

The subteam will mainly be concerned with designing the inside of the boat. Designing the inside consists of, among other things, determining the placement of the ribs and the use of the right materials.

Ultimately, the hull will also have to be laid, they will be working on this process for several weeks. This is a lot of work that the members of other sub-teams will also participate in, so the work can be done as quickly and efficient as possible.

Team structural will write out the entire process in advance, from design to implementation. They do this so the process can run as smoothly as possible in which it is clear what needs to be done.

Realizing the hull immediately gives a picture of what the boat will look like. Only then it will be possible to attach the other parts, for example the hydrofoils. We will introduce the subteam who designs and builds this next time.

From left to right: Nick Kerckhoffs, Arend Pool
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