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The software in the boat ensures that all the different parts that we use can ultimately work together and that they can also be controlled from the cockpit. Sem will be working on internal and external communication of the boat this year, and at the same time he will help implement the control system. In addition, he will also take on a number of electrical tasks.

Normally all the different parts that we use in the boat do not work together, because they are not designed for this. By designing an internal communication system, it is possible to have all these different parts work together. This ensures that the boat can exchange data and control parts internally. This will allow the boat to sail and fly.

In addition to internal communication, external communication is also required, a telemetry system. This system ensures that all data is collected from the boat and sent to the land. Here the data can be used to ensure that we can sail safely, efficiently and tactically.

We derive a great deal of efficiency from the hydrofoils. The control system must ensure by software and electronics that we can continue to fly at all times, also under the influence of external factors such as wind and waves. Sem will work together with team hydrofoils, since this control system will be implemented in the software.

Since the software and electronics in the boat are closely connected, Sem will also take on a number of electrical tasks. He will mainly deal with the interface of the screen in the cockpit, the physical communication lines in the boat and also with the power supply from the solar panels to the battery.

Currently Sem is mainly concerned with internal communication in the boat, this communication is crucial, because without it the boat won’t sail. Eventually he will help more with the control system. As soon as the boat is ready to sail and we will start testing, he will be on the sidelines a lot because he is busy with data acquisition and data processing.

The software therefore ensures that all components in the boat can work together and that we can process all data on the shore. A crucial aspect, therefore, when it comes to making the other components work and using the test time as efficiently as possible. Want to know more about the other components and the sub-teams that work on this? Read more about this in the introductions of the team wing, drive and hull.

Sem Geerts
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