Introduction team propulsion

Team propulsion is very important when it comes to sailing. This sub team ensures that the boat can do more than just float on the water. They ensure that the engine can be controlled from the cockpit, allowing the boat to sail. Yaela, Marjolijn and Arjen will be responsible for this year.

This year the engine will again be located under the boat in an aluminum housing, also called a nacelle. By placing the motor here, the motor can be cooled by means of the water, so that the motor cannot overheat. The motor and the propellor are also close together in this design, so there is a direct transfer from the motor to the propellor. This means that no cogs are needed to transfer the energy, which means that less energy is lost.

Team propulsion will be concerned with designing the motor, the nacelle, the strut, and how the motor can be controlled. When designing the engine there needs to be thaught about the power that the engine must have, so that we can sail both the sprint and the endurance race. The nacelle and the strut must be made as hydrodynamic as possible so that there is as little resistance as possible. In addition, they must also be designed in such a way that parts can easily be replaced or repaired. A component that should certainly not be forgotten is the propellor. This component ensures that the solar energy is converted into a forward force.

The details are currently being worked out and the final parameters are determined. Once this is done the parts can be produced. It is important that the parts are ordered on time because the production can sometimes take quite a long time. This way we hope to have the parts on time, so that we can assemble everything in time. Then we can start testing according to schedule.

The propulsion, hydrofoils, and the use of these, do not move on their own. The element that ensures that it all works together is the software. Within our team, there is one person who will handle the software throughout the entire boat. We will tell more about this next time!

From left to right: Arjen Hooghiemster, Yaela Amsing, Marjolijn van Schagen
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