Lumen Business Solutions main partner Solar Boat Twente

Solar Boat Twente and Lumen Business Solutions BV signed a sponsorship agreement together last Friday. Lumen will be the main sponsor of the 14-person student team in the coming year. Both parties are very happy with the signed cooperation and look forward to the year to come. The Twente student team is currently busy with the production of the solar boat and will be launched in March. The team will then start testing the solar boat in the run-up to, among other things, the world championship in Monaco.

“We are very happy with the support of Lumen Business Solutions as the main sponsor of our project,” says Xavier Roosendaal, team manager Solar Boat Twente. “With the support of Lumen Business Solutions we are able to put down an even better product, which means we can perform better during the races in May and June, including the Dutch Championships in Akkrum and the World Championships in Monaco.”

Jos Wilmink, sales manager Lumen Business Solutions, about the collaboration, “It’s nice to see students make every effort to develop an innovative and sustainable boat.” Lumen Business Solutions supports the Solar Boat Twente team because – in addition to the competition element – innovation and sustainability are central to this project. “” Something that fully fits our corporate philosophy, “Wilmink continues.

Lumen Business Solutions

Lumen supplies and implements innovative business applications such as CRM and ERP systems, which enable organizations to implement the digital transition. As a result, processes are organized even more efficiently and the productivity of organizations increases drastically. “By supporting the Solar Boat Twente team, we are trying to make a small contribution to the development of sustainable and high-tech solutions that in turn can contribute to future generations,” says Wilmink.

Solar Boat Twente

This year the student team is committed to producing a reliable, “flying” solar boat, in order to form a basis for future teams. “It is very important for us and our partners that the boat can perform. It is especially important that we can trust that the boat will continue to sail. For this we need the help of our partners, “says Roosendaal. “A project like this falls and stands with the support of our partners. That is why we are very happy with the support of Lumen Business Solutions as the main sponsor, which brings us one step closer to our goal. ”

Both parties find each other in their overlapping interest in innovation and sustainability. “By investing jointly in the construction of a solar boat, we can show what is possible with regard to the energy transition in the maritime sector.”

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