Interview structural team

Last week the boat was wrapped by our partner Jabe and from now on you won’t see much of the boat until we reveal the boat. This also means that the tasks of the structural team are finished. That is why we asked Arend, a member of the structural team, a number of questions about the past months.

How have you experienced this year so far?

“Like a roller coaster. I started this year with the thought that I didn’t actually have the required knowledge, but despite that, everything had to be started very quickly. It is very stressful but also very educational. You learn things that you would never learn in a normal academic year. You are in contact with large companies such as Fokker Technologies where you get a lot of help from employees and where you learn a lot. I would have never learned this during my studies.”

What is it like to work with companies?

“Companies are very open and often want to help, this is very cool. I think it is great to see that others also like this project as much as we do. This is very contagious, which makes you even more enthusiastic! In addition, the hull would never have been such a success without the knowledge from outside. And of course the help of old team members. “

What was a highlight?

“That was really the month at Fokker. We stayed in a cottage near Fokker and every week other team members came to help us. Every week we went to do a different activity that was really good for team building. It was a great time in which I got to know everyone better and made great memories. “

What will you do within the team now?

” Now that the hull is finished, I will help others where I can until we can start testing.  Also, the hatches of the boat still have to be made, so I will start working on that too. As soon as we can start testing I will hopefully find a lot in the boat to steer her. In addition, I also think it is very important that everything from recent times is documented. I will, therefore, make sure that this is in order for next year’s team. “

Are you excited about sailing the boat? 

”Yes for sure! It seems very special to me if you are in the boat and above the water. You actually hear relatively little but at the same time, you go very fast. With 30 to 40 km / h over the water without almost hearing anything, I think it will be an amazing experience! “

What are you most looking forward to?

” In the short term, it would be the first moment that we are going to put the boat in the water. That all the hard work we put into the boat is finally finished and laying in the water, where she belongs! The ultimate highlight is of course Monaco. That is really the moment that we are all working towards. Hopefully, I get the chance to sail there too! “

What is the most important thing you have learned so far?

”Most important? Uhm, that’s a tough one. I think the social aspect anyway: that you just have to dare to ask people to get things done. Even if something goes wrong you, should dare to ask for help and be able to think in a problem-solving way. I had less and less difficulty with this as the year progressed. Not everything goes as planned and at those moments you should be able to adapt quickly because of the tight schedule.”

Is there anything else you really want to say?

” I think it’s great that every day is different and that you do so many different things. For example, I am also involved with Young Solar Boat Twente and this provides a nice change. Such a year is certainly stressful, but I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world and I’m certainly not done with it yet! “

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