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Every month we ask a different team member to share his or her experiences of this year in an interview. In this way, we hope to give you a little insight of how we experience it and how much we learn from it. This month it was the turn of Jurriën from team hydrofoils.

What are your tasks within team hydrofoils?

This year I was involved in designing the mechanics of the hydrofoil system and the choice of the foil profile.

What do you like the most about this year?

A lot happens in such a year, one moment you’re sitting behind your computer designing the hydrofoils in Solidworks, and the next moment you’re testing at MARIN. This diversity of tasks you have to fulfill is what makes such a year so much fun. Yes, you are involved in the design of one specific part of the boat, but I did not expect the many different tasks involved, which was a nice surprise!

How do you experience working with different companies?

It is great to see how enthusiastic companies are about our project and they are often happy to help. It is also nice that you visit some companies and that you get to see how things are going there. A look behind the doors, which you normally would not see so quickly.

What do you still have to do in the near future?

The coming period will mainly be about testing the hydrofoils, hopefully, all parts will work as they should. An exciting period in which you find out whether your designs work in real life.

How do you experience working in this corona crisis?

I think my opinion matches that of everyone else when I say that I find it quite annoying. Everything goes slower than you would like. The boat would have been finished by now in normal times, but because you can no longer work at the same time and everything goes slower, this is unfortunately not the case now.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?

The most important thing I have learned so far is to think even better about all the problems that may arise in the process. If you think about this in advance, you can avoid these problems later. In these ways you save yourself a lot of work. This is something that I definitely apply to my daily life as well. 

Of course a lot of highlights have been canceled so far, but what has been a highlight for you so far?

My highlight this year was testing last year’s hydrofoils at MARIN. MARIN is a large maritime research institute where a lot of research is done into all the forces that can play a role in the water, which very much applies in the maritime sector of course. Although it weren’t this year’s hydrofoils that we could test there, it was very cool to be able to do research at such a large institute. For two weeks we were allowed to test the hydrofoils there in one of their basins.

And a low point?

A low point for me was the moment when I realized that (almost) everything had been canceled for this year. The races are of course events that you work towards as a team all year, and when you are told that this is not going to happen, it is very disappointing.

What would you still like to see this year? 

At the moment I am really looking forward to the moment when our boat can sail and of course also fly on solar energy!

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