Extension Partnership with Lumen!

Solar Boat Twente and Lumen Business Solutions BV have extended the partnership agreement. Lumen will remain the main partner of the student team from Twente. Both parties are very delighted with the cooperation and are looking forward to this upcoming year. The students from Solar Boat Twente are currently working hard to optimize their solar boat. When the Covid-measures will allow it, the team will pick up testing their boat again, in anticipation and preparation for the worldcup in Monaco. 

“Lumen Business Solutions has provided us with a lot of great support in the past year which allowed us to realize our current boat.” according to Tjeerdtje van Gastel, team manager at Solar Boat Twente. “We are very enthusiastic about the trust we receive from Lumen and the continuation of the cooperation. Because of their support, we can keep working on improving the boat and getting it in optimal conditions for the races, like the Dutch championship in Akkrum or the world championship in Monaco. Additionally, Lumen BS provides help with PR, because also here we can still improve a lot. Thanks to their help, we are making big steps in the right direction.”

Lumen is an expert on the area of innovative CRM and ERP systems. By helping and guiding organizations on a personal level during the implementation of these systems, Lumen strives to simplify and increase the efficiency of the step to digital systems for their clients.

The student team from Twente has set their goal to be getting the boat to “fly” stably. This will provide a strong foundation for their success in the upcoming years. “Without the support of our partners we would not have come this far last year. And also this year, we will need their help to keep on innovating. That is why we are pleased to have Lumen Business Solutions as our main sponsor, bringing us a step closer to our end goal: stimulating sustainable maritime transport.” The shared interest in sustainability and innovations connects both parties.

Next Wednesday (16th of December 2020), Solar Boat Twente will reveal its technical plans for the upcoming year. This event will be hosted online. Excited? Register now!

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