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Solar Boat Twente encourages environmental awareness by applying renewable energy in the maritime sector. This year a multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic students will focus on building a reliable solar boat. By pushing boundaries, the team embraces a major challenge: designing and building the motor boat of tomorrow. The goal is to sail with a reliable, stable flying boat during the Solar Sport One competition. Follow us on our journey to the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge 2021!

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Concept Presentation

Will be held in November/December 2020

Reveal of the new boat

14th of April 2021 - Wilminktheater Enschede




Monaco canceled

With pain in our hearts we have to inform you that we were recently informed that the Monaco World Championship, which would take place from

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GET involved!

Help Solar Boat Twente fly across the finish! This year we will make the hydrofoils and the associated struts themselves from carbon. We do this because we can produce our hydrofoils thinner and lighter this way. The hydrofoils will be made of solid carbon. To guarantee the quality, we have to cut this layer by layer and put it in the mold. The struts will be made in a similar way, only they will get a foam core to save weight. This foam is self-swelling and will therefore perfectly fill the space in the strut. This way the strut is very light and thin, but very strong and waterproof. In order to be able to pay for part of the hydrofoils and the associated struts, we need your help! That is why we have started a crowdfunding where you can easily make a small or large donation. Every bit helps!

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