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Team '19-'20

Are you the future of Solar Boat Twente?

Are you an enthusiastic student looking for challenges? Ready to gain new knowledge use the information you already learned? Solar Boat Twente has started with the selection of the team that will race at the WC in 2020 in Monaco.

As a member of Solar Boat Twente, you will be concerned with applying your gained knowledge from your studies and with the further development of yourself and the new solar boat. You will work in a professional, multidisciplinary team that wants to achieve the maximum result together. You get the chance to spend a year working on the latest techniques, working within a large team and besides designing only parts, also producing it.

If, after reading the functions below, you think this is a great opportunity for you, send your motivation letter of max. one A4 together with your resume to the address or fill in the form below. In addition to your motivation to join the team, please state in the motivation letter which position(s) you want to apply for.

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The management is responsible for the overview within the team. These people watch over the planning, the ambiance, the tasks and the results.

team manager

As a team manager you are the representative of the team and you ensure that the team runs smoothly right from the start. Together with the other sub-team heads you make the planning and look after the execution of it.

technical manager

As a technical manager you are responsible for the technical planning. Because of you the communication and distribution of tasks within the technical team is clear. You know everything there is to know about the boat and you ensure that the interfaces between the technical subteams seamlessly connect.

communication manager

In addition to building a boat, many other things have to be arranged: there must be financing, the social media must be up-to-date and you want to promote your team at events. As a communication manager you are responsible for the image of Solar Boat Twente and you ensure that the brand comes out as good as possible.


The treasurer is responsible for the financiël health of the team. You have the overview and know when there goes money in and out.


You are committed to contribute to the central object of our organization: designing and building a solar boat. You work on a part where you get the opportunity to design something that the world has never seen before, or make the best version of what exists so far.


Flying is for birds only? You know better. Hydrodynamics, control engineering and structural design all come together in the hydrofoils. With fitting and measuring all internal mechanisms have to work, without the hydrodynamics or the stiffness and strength of the whole being compromised. By taking into account everything in and around the boat, you think of the hydrofoil system that makes the solar boat fly the most efficiently above the water.


With the power of an electric stove more than 30km/h? That is only possiblewhen the drive is efficient and reliable. You understand what the ideal bearing is and how you engineer on the edge. Together with other teammates you come with the perfect drive of the solar boat of Solar Boat Twente 2019-2020.


Running a solar boat without electronics? Impossible. You are the key of the team. Everything comes together at the electronics: From the solar cells where you convert the energy as efficiently as possible to the lightest battery pack that you can make, to use it in the best electric motor. How that energy is monitored and managed? That is yours to decide.


Is C ++ your mother tongue or has always been interested in the life of? Then we need you. From data acquisition to battery management: everything works with software. You know how to program as efficiently as possible to ensure that all parts of the boat work perfectly in harmony with each other. Not only on board, but also on shore. After all, you want to be able to turn off all relevant data against each other live. Together with the strategists you get the most out of the boat


The hull is full of contradictions: Longer is more efficient, but shorter is lighter. Thicker skin is stiffer, but thinner is lighter. All parts of the boat come together in the hull. Would you like to dive deep into new and promising materials to create the best possible construction design? Do you like to work on structural design? Then with you a born rump builder.

communication team

As part of this team, you ensure the appearance of the entire Solar Boat Twente team. Will the team go to more events abroad this year? Do you want to reach new heights in the amount of visitors on the site? Do you strive to bring in as many partners as possible? Then this team is for you.


In order to show what you are doing to the general public, events are ideal. Large exhibitions, the reveal of your end product, events of partners; you are responsible for the contact and the organization for all of them.

external relations

Establish contact with companies and create new cooperations. You visit them, you convince them of your idea and involve them in the project. You do all this as part of the team external relations. A versatile function where you provide communication between companies and the team.

public relations

Do you know which photos to choose, what content you should write and how you can best put a high-tech sustainable project on the map. If not, do you want to learn it? Then you are perfect for the PR function within Solar Boat Twente. You carry the brand Solar Boat Twente and what we stand for with your whole heart.

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