Crowdfund 2019-2020

Crowdfunding team '19-'20

Help us fly

Flying is not only meant for birds. Just like airplanes that fly on air, we fly on the water. We need your help to do that! The beautiful hydrofoils that you see on the right will soon be found underneath our boat. They will ensure that we can fly! And you can help us with this because these hydrofoils still have to be financed. You can already help us with a small amount. If you donate to us, we will donate something small back as a thank you. Keep on reading to find out how you can donate and what the small gifts entail.


This year we will make the hydrofoils and the struts ourselves, from carbon. We do this because in this way we can produce our hydrofoils thinner and lighter. The hydrofoils will be made of solid carbon. To guarantee the quality, we have to cut this layer by layer and place it in the mold. The struts will be made in a similar way, except they will have a foam core to save weight. This foam is self-swelling and will therefore perfectly fill the space in the strut. In this way, the strut is very light and thin, but very strong and waterproof. We need your help to pay for part of the hydrofoils!

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