Team 2020/2021

The new team has officially started!

We are working hard to get up to speed and continue the great work of the previous teams. Soon we will introduce ourselves, so keep an eye out on this page and on our social media!

Team 2019/2020

After completing my bachelor in International Business Administration, I was looking for a new challenge. This year I would like to do more than just study as a student. I believe that as a team you can achieve much more together than on your own. Realizing a “flying” solar boat together shows what the future of sustainable transport and technology looks like. Hopefully at the end of the year we can look back on the great performances that we have achieved together!

xavier roosendaal

Team manager

I have completed my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and I wanted to develop further before I started my Master’s. Being the Technical Manager at Solar Boat Twente seems to be the perfect opportunity to dive into the cool technology behind, among other things, hydro-physics, electrical systems and sustainable energy. In addition, with my position I hope to learn a lot about working together in a large team on a complex project.

Thom Kuenen

Technical manager

I recently finished my bachelor in Communication Sciences and this year I will take on the position of Communication Manager within the team. With this position I hope to be able to use the acquired knowledge from my study in practice and to gain more experience. By doing this at Solar Boat Twente, I hope to bring sustainability in the maritime sector more to the attention of people in order to also contribute to a cleaner future!

Jorieke moorlag

Communication manager

After studying Chemical Engineering for 2 years and gaining a lot of experience in committees, I thought it was time to take a different approach. This year I will work full time for Solar Boat Twente to ensure that a new solar boat can be realized. With this I try to show people that a lot is possible in the field of innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.

Nick Witmarsum

External affairs

I have just completed my bachelor Technical Business Administration. This year I will hold the position of external relations within Solar Boat Twente. I want to commit myself to innovation in the maritime sector because I am convinced that there is still a lot to be gained in the field of sustainability within this sector. Together with you I hope to make a difference!

Damian Karia

External affairs

I have just graduated in the bachelor Applied Mathematics and was looking for a new challenge. Learning to program in different languages in a real practical situation and using my acquired mathematical skills is something I am very much looking forward to. Moreover, my passion for watersport, innovation and creativity comes together perfectly in a team as Solar Boat Twente.

sem geerts


I have just finished my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and next year I will design the powertrain of our solar boat. After gaining theoretical knowledge during my studies for a number of years, I will now take a different approach and put my knowledge into practice. I am looking forward to working in a multidisciplinary team such as ours, and building a boat we can be proud of.

Yaela Amsing


I am a third-year Industrial Design Engineering student. This year I will be responsible for the design of the propulsion management and I will strengthen the PR team. Solar Boat Twente seemed to be the perfect way for me to gain knowledge in practice, to broaden my technical knowledge and to be able to express my creativity in the field of innovative design.

Marjolijn van Schagen


After completing my bachelor mechanical engineering at Saxion, I started the master Mechanical Engineering. During this master especially theoretical knowledge is being taught, and since I have built up a lot of practical experience with the bachelor mechanical engineering, I thought it would be a shame not to use this during my Master. That is why I decided to join a student team as a part-timer. Solar Boat Twente was the perfect choice for me considering my great passion for water sports and technology.

Arjen hooghiemster


As a Bachelor’s student in Advanced Technology, I want to gain useful, practical experience with Solar Boat Twente. It is a challenge to develop the wings so that we can let the boat fly in balance and above the water. In this way I combine my passion for water and my interest in technology.

Thom goesten


I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering student and this year I will use my knowledge within the team to design a hydrofoil and thereby make the boat fly as stably as possible. I hope to inspire environmentally harmful shipping in the field of sustainability, among other things. In addition, I think I will learn a lot about myself in a group with a challenging goal.

Jurriën bos


I am a fourth-year student Industrial Engineering and Management and during my studies I found myself being more into the technical and abstract side of my subjects. During my minor I have studied this further and I am now looking forward to gaining more theoretical and practical coherent knowledge. Why Solar Boat Twente? The friction-free flying over the waves is incredibly pure and elegant and it still fascinates me that so much technology is transferred on such a small support surface.

Florian ventur


After completing the first year of my Masters in Business Information Technology, I decided to take a gap year to become part of the Solar Boat team. After studying for four years, I thought it would be interesting to do something different and gain practical experience. Solar Boat Twente was perfect for this, it is a very educational project in which we work together with a multidisciplinary team to build a successful boat and make it a fun year.

Nick Kerckhoffs


I am a master student Business & IT who wants to use a year to explore a totally different world of practice. By doing something that at first sight does not have a connection with my studies, I hope to broaden my horizon as much as possible, to find unexpected opportunities and perhaps even to discover hidden talents. Who knows where this ship will take me.

Arend pool


Team 2018/2019

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