TEAM 2021/2022

here we are!

ready to move boundaries and accept the challenge: designing and building an innovative solar boat, through which we want to contribute to the generation of tomorrow.

I became team manager of Solar Boat Twente because I wanted a new challenge after finishing all the courses of my study Technical Medicine. Over the years I have developed myself in doing project work and setting and achieving goals. I am very excited that I can now put this into practice. I quickly fell in love with this project because it is a great combination of making a difference in the field of sustainability and innovation in the field of technology. As team manager, I want to ensure that we achieve our goals as a team and that everyone can achieve their own personal growth.I want to do this by creating an overview and working with a good atmosphere in the group. One of our priorities this year is also mental health within the team and I intend to work hard for that. This team is going to do something wonderful, you'll see!As team manager I am responsible for the atmosphere in the team and for the possibility for team members to develop themselves. This year we will be busy with the development of the boat as well as the development of ourselves.I am really curious what the year will bring us. One thing is for sure: I am looking forward to it!

Robin Rijnhout

team manager

After graduating from my bachelor Industrial Design Engineering, I wanted to develop myself further in managing a multidisciplinary team and gain more practical experience in the field. I hope to find this challenge at Solar Boat Twente. With the wide range of knowledge gained in my studies, I want to direct the specialists in our team so we can again compete at the top of solar boat racing in Monaco.

Roman van den Broek

Technical manager

After graduating my Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering, I was looking for a new challenge. I realised this would not necessarily come from my regular study programme. In my free time, I do a few projects in graphic design. When I’m looking at what I’ll do after my studies, graphic design will probably play a big part in that, even though I still have much to learn. At Solar Boat Twente, I want to combine the broad knowledge I got from my studies with my passion for graphic design. By doing this, I’d like to do my bit in this amazing project. As Communication Manager, I want to put Solar Boat Twente in the spotlight of the bigger companies. By doing so, I hope to support my team as much as possible.

Sam van Roosendaal

Communicatie manager

After I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Technical Medicine, I was ready for something completely different than studying. I wanted to find a new challenge that was outside of my field of expertise and that’s how I ended up at Solar Boat Twente. In my studies, I learned a lot about working in a multidisciplinary team and I wanted to put this knowledge into practice. As the external affairs and event coordinator I will represent Solar Boat Twente the best I can and I will support the team where necessary to make the most efficient solar boat!

Veerle van der wal

External Relations | Events

Having a technical position within the student team of Solar Boat Twente gives me the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. Together with a multidisciplinary team which aims to pursue sustainability and innovation, this is what I have in mind after studying Applied Physics for three years. Within Solar Boat I am responsible for the structural part of the boat. This year I will be designing a modular hull that will last for several years. My focus will also lie on the cockpit; an ergonomic and aerodynamic design adds value to the performance of our pilots and boat! In this project I get to challenge and further develop myself. In addition, I will support the team by taking on the treasurership. With the preliminary competitions and the world championship in Monaco in prospect, it will be a great experience!

Anouk Somhorst

Propulsion | Treasurer

Hey, I'm Luuk. I have always wanted to do a student team and have been busy with technical projects my whole life. Last year I finished my bachelor mechanical engineering and thought it would be a nice challenge to do the propulsion of Solar Boat Twente together with Tim and Femke. It's my goal this year to innovate on the current technologies used in the drive train as much as possible and try to produce the most efficient and reliable drive train. This way we will surely fly past all the competitors in Monaco.

Luuk Wijnant


I knew from a young age that I wanted to study Electrical Engineering. After my HBO studies, a premaster, and a year in the Electrical Engineering master, I wanted a break from my studies to broaden my horizon. Because I have been sailing competitively in both national and international races, the decision to join a student team that is working on a boat was made rather quickly. At Solar Boat Twente, I will be focussing on the boat’s propulsion system. I’m looking forward to all the challenges we’ll be facing during the project, and to how we’ll manage to overcome these challenges, making the boat even better than it was before. This is what I find awesome about this project and what connects us as a team.

Tim Doppenberg


Hii, I'm Femke. Last year I finished my second year of the bachelor Biomedical Engineering. During these last two years I found out that I like the technical side of my study the most and that I really wanted to apply my technical knowledge to a multidisciplinary project. Solar Boat Twente became my new challenge. I am responsible for the propulsion together with Tim and Luuk. This year, we are looking for the most efficient way to power the boat to winning the race in Monaco!

Femke Hoekstra


During my bachelor thesis for my ATLAS study, I realized that I wanted to do more than just the theoretical development of products. I joined the Solarboat team in order to get hands-on experience in the development of an actual physical structure, namely our very own solar powered boat. While I am in the team responsible for the boat's structure I will be focusing more on the cockpit for our pilots rather than an entirely new hull for the boat. With a partial background in Industrial design I will make a cockpit that brings out the best of our pilots. With that I can do my part in turning our boat into one with which the pilots will win our races.

Erik Bösert


After graduating my Bachelor in Applied Physics, I was very curious about business life. However, I am not yet ready to leave behind my student life. During my Bachelor’s, I gained a lot of technical knowledge. Unfortunately, I have little experience in working on a long term project in a multidisciplinary team. Luckily, that just changed! Because of my passion for water and sailing, I ended up at Solar BoatTwente rather swifty. As a part of the Hydrofoil Mechanics team, I’m going to work really hard to make the boat fly above the water!

Nynke Nell

Hydrofoils Mechanics

Na het afronden van mijn Bachelor Mechanical Engineering wilde ik wat langer de tijd nemen om een master te kiezen. Ik heb het doen van praktische projecten naast mijn studie altijd leuk gevonden en Solar Boat Twente gaf mij dan ook een mooie kans om mijn theoretische kennis in de praktijk te brengen. Dit relatief nieuwe team geeft mij de mogelijkheid om creatief te zijn en mijn eigen stempel op het project te kunnen drukken. Samen met het innoveren in duurzame energie paste dit project daarom bij mij. In het Hydrofoils Mechanics team zal ik helpen met het verbeteren van de draagvleugels en zal ik streven deze zo robuust, betrouwbaar, en (uiteindelijk) zo efficiënt mogelijk te maken. Laten we de boot vliegend krijgen!After graduating my Bachelor Mechanical Engineering I wanted to take some time to choose a Master. I have always liked doing practical projects besides my studies and Solar Boat gave me the opportunity to put my study theory into practice. This relatively new team provides me with possibilities to be really creative and put my own stamp on the project. In combination with innovating in the renewable energy field this fully suited me. In the mechanical hydrofoils team I will help improve upon the foils and strive for reliability, robustness and (in the end) the highest efficiency. Let’s get the boat to fly!

Camiel Posthuma

Hydrofoils Mechanics

After finishing my bachelor Technical Medicine I was up for a new challenge. Working in a multidisciplinary team on a sustainable and innovative project for a full year fits me well. I want to learn from other perspectives offered by other students, gain experience in business and apply technical knowledge in the field. As Control Engineer at Solar Boat Twente I will work on the control system of the hydrofoils. Many different technical disciplines come together to realize a stable flying boat. I am looking forward to what this year will offer us!

Anne Bomers

Hydrofoils Controls

After my second year Applied Physics I was looking for a challenge to broaden my horizon. My study’s program taught me the basics in control systems for dynamic systems. Since my interest in the field of control engineering has grown enormously. This year will be devoted to furthering my knowledge and realizing my interests in this beautiful project. In a multidisciplinary project such as Solar Boat Twente you also learn a lot about working together because of the scale of the project and all perspectives offered by other students. This year, the large goal as Control Engineer: getting the boat to fly stability over long distances!

Jitse Boonstra

Hydrofoils Controls

Ever since I was a child I have been tinkering with electronics and I have always looked forward to working in a student team. Solar boat is a special opportunity to be involved in the whole process from design to production of a professional product in only one year. Finishing my second year of Electrical Engineering I am also very curious about working in a large multidisciplinary project. Together with the rest of the Electronics subteam I am planning to create a great electronic system this year and also develop myself outside of Electrical Engineering!

Boris Feldbrugge


During my Electrical Engineering studies, I discovered that I wanted to work more in a more multidisciplinary way. For me, Solar Boat Twente is the perfect opportunity to develop this while working together towards a great goal. Besides my masters degree in Electrical Engineering, I have become part of the Electronics Team to broaden my electrical engineering knowledge and also apply it to the boat. I am looking forward to assisting in the design process of groundbreaking and sustainable innovations in the maritime sector. I am curious what challenges this year will bring and what achievements we can make as a team!

Wouter Nijenhuis


After a few years of studying, I thought it was time for something different. In addition, I had not yet decided what I wanted to do after my Bachelor. A student team seemed like a good solution to broaden my knowledge and discover my interests. Given my interest in boats and sailing, Solar Boat seemed like the best option. During my study Creative Technology my interest was mainly in the electrical side of the study, that is why I chose to explore this as part of the electronics team. In this team, I hope to gain more practical and in-depth knowledge to get a better idea of what electro is. I am convinced that I will learn a lot this year and that, together with this team, I can hopefully make a nice contribution to unique innovations in the field of solar boats.

Tirza Rutten


Ever since I was little I was interested in electronics, programming, and mechanical designs. Before starting my master I wanted to take on a new challenge. SolarBoat's multidisciplinary work environment felt exactly right for me, which is why I am very much looking forward to working on the boat - especially the software side - this year. I am hoping that with this year's competitive team we will be able to contribute a little to a more sustainable maritime sector.

Robin Kreuger


Emilie van Eps


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