TEAM 2020/2021

here we are!

ready to move boundaries and accept the challenge: designing and building an innovative solar boat, through which we want to contribute to the generation of tomorrow.

Below you can see our names and positions in the team.

After the first month, our team has been expanded with some new members who will enforce the communication and external relation teams! However, in the current circumstances of this country, it has not been possible to update the team picture. Whenever it is possible again, you will find that one here too!

After two years of studying Technical Medicine, I was ready for a new challenge. During my study, I learn a lot about working in a multidisciplinary team and I wanted to put this knowledge into practise. Considering that sailing is one of my hobbies, there was only one team for me: Solar Boat Twente. As team manager I am responsible for the atmosphere in the team and for the possibility for team members to develop themselves. This year we will be busy with the development of the boat as well as the development of ourselves.I am really curious what the year will bring us. One thing is for sure: I am looking forward to it!

Tjeerdtje van gastel

team manager

After finishing my bachelor in Biomedical Technology and following a pre-master in Mechanical Engineering, I needed to find where my interests lie exactly. Solar Boat Twente gives me this opportunity by leading a multidisciplinary team that manifests itself through state-of-the-art technology. With my broad knowledge, I hope to contribute to the team such that together, we can inspire the world for a sustainable future.

Rick Witbreuk

Technical manager

In the beginning of this new academic year, I did not plan on joining any student team. While, at the time, most of the new team had already been formed, there was still a position available for the communication team. I have always been interested in marketing, photography and creative content creation so I saw this as an opportunity to broaden my skills and to be a part of a multidisciplinary team together with 12 other enthusiastic students. This year, I wish to apply my creativity in all sorts of ways to promote Solar Boat Twente and what it stands for. As a part time member, I am also a master student in Mechanical Engineering.

Heni Ju

Marketing & Social media

Once upon a time, while studying Advanced Technology, I realised that I wanted to do something more than just my study. Something where I could challenge myself and work with a diverse team. A team that consists of motivated students and that works on a project that could make a difference, not on a simple project that would be graded. When I heard about Solar Boat Twente, I was immediately sold. Combining my technical interest with my love for botes was more than I could ever wish for. This year, I will be working on the hydrofoils and the control system of the boat. Next to my technical tasks, I will be helping the external affairs team as well.

Rinke Poels

Hydrofoils & External

Having nearly finished my bachelor in Mechanical Engineering I wanted a challenge to apply the knowledge I had learnt to a real life project. Solar Boat Twente was the perfect opportunity. Not only to see knowledge working in the real work, but also to work in a multidisciplinary team, with motivated students and partners. As part of the hydrofoils team, we will combine and gain knowledge while working on the system enabling the boat to fly through the water. I cannot wait to see what the year will bring!

Lotte Willemstein


Having completed my bachelor in Computer Science I felt the need to broaden my horizon. I was looking for a taste of working with industries at the cutting edge of technology. At the same time I still wanted to work with students, be in a self-driven team and learn something completely new without needing to specialise in it. Solar Boat Twente was the perfect opportunity to achieve these goals. I look forward to the exciting year ahead. We will keep pushing each other to perform our best and, positively, produce a boat ready to take on the competition.

Manuel Wackerle

peripherals & control system

As a bachelor Electrical Engineering graduate, I felt the need to stimulate my personal development. And what better way than joining Solar Boat Twente, where I am part of a multidisciplinary team and have an impact on innovations towards a greener planet? I chose to work as the Powertrain engineer in order to further improve my electrical engineering skills and knowledge. Last but not least I am very excited to be part of the whole design process from the first drafts to performing at the world championship in Monaco!

Joris Bonnema


During the past years of studying I felt the curiosity to explore and gain more knowledge in a team setting and entirely different technological fields. After finishing the first year of my master Technical Medicine, I stepped into this new world of Solar Boat Twente as part of team structural and propulsion. I hope that together as a team we can help each other grow in our own desired way, to finally all contribute to a more sustainable future of the maritime sector!

Renske Schram

Structural & Propulsion

Half a year into my masters I was looking for some practical experience and I wanted to get out of my Mechanical Engineering bubble. The beauty of this project is that you are working with people specialized in other fields. Finding a way to combine all disciplines is what designing is all about, and is always the greatest challenge. My job as a propulsion engineer is getting the most out of all parts involved in moving the boat forward, and pushing them to their limits. Solar Boat Twente is one of many projects stimulating the energy transition, and it is motivating to see that so many people want to be involved. Therefore, I’m happy to take on some work of external affairs next to my technical job, and get our message into the world.

Nils van der gaag

Propulsion & External

While also finishing up my bachelors in Technology and Liberal arts & Sciences this year, I joined Solar Boat Twente to work on PR. During my bachelor's, I gradually transitioned from natural sciences to humanities. Working in the communications team provides an excellent and fun opportunity to gain more experience in this field before my master's. Together with the team, I hope to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19; finding ways to organise events and bringing you our stories.

Borgert Brouwer

Public Relations

I have always been interested in Business Administration even though I study Technical Computer Science. That is why I also followed the bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management alongside my TCS study and found out that I wanted to do more in this domain. So when the opportunity came around to do External Affairs for Solar Boat Twente it seemed like the perfect match. Besides that I think that the pursuit for- and promoting innovation is one of the primary goals of a study at a (technical) university. Solar Boat Twente resonates with these goals by promoting a sustainable future and striving for innovation. I feel that this team provides opportunities to develop yourself that a study is not able to offer you.

Reinier van der horst


Being a third-year Advanced Technology student, I want to make sure that I make the most out of my final year. Working as part of the PR team, mainly focusing on videography, Solar Boat Twente allows me to combine my interests in filmmaking, watersports, and engineering. Next to that, being part of a multi-faceted team project with the aim to promote sustainability through innovation has been a great experience, which makes it even more exciting to see what is still to come!

Luca Lange


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