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ready to move boundaries and accept the challenge: designing and building an innovative solar boat, through which we want to contribute to the generation of tomorrow.

As the Team Manager of Solar Boat Twente, I hope to learn new things, which aren't covered by my study Technical Medicine. I look forward to challenges like leading a big, multidisciplinary team, working together towards our goals and spending a whole year to realise one big technical project. My goal for this year is to create an environment in which everyone can be their best selves, so we can make the best possible Solar Boat together!

Maartje Kuperus

team manager

After two years of Covid I had the feeling that my student time was flying by. So when the end of my bachelor's came into view, I decided to do something different to apply my knowledge on a real project that results in a, in this case, flying boat. My study, Industrial Design Engineering, gave me a broad base of knowledge with a lot of project work. In these projects the organisational side always fascinated me. This is why I went for the function of Technical Manager, since this gave me the opportunity to bring together a group of multidisciplinary students and make sure that we could deliver one kick-ass boat in Monaco!

Saskia Slump

Technical manager

I noticed that during the last year of my Bachelor Biomedical Technology I was anxious to do something completely different. I wanted a new challenge in a field where I have little experience. I hope as Communication Manager to put Solar Boat Twente on the map as best as possible and support the team to make the most efficient solar boat!

Cathryn Bruijnis

Communication manager

After I received my bachelor's degree in Technical Medicine, I was ready for something completely different. I wanted to take on a new challenge that was outside my studies. That's how I came to Solar Boat Twente. During my studies, I learned to work a lot in a multidisciplinary team and now I want to apply this knowledge in practice. As external relations and events coordinator, I will promote Solar Boat Twente as best I can and I will support the team where necessary in making the most efficient solar boat!

Nikita de Haan

External Relations | Events

During my first year and a half of the bachelor International Business Administration I noticed by myself that I wanted to bring my theoretical knowledge into practice more often. Therefore I searched for a new challenge. With Solar Boat Twente I found a student team with a very interesting project, on which I would really like to contribute. With my function of external affairs I expect to gain a lot of new experience in the business side of Solar Boat Twente but also from working in a multidisciplinary team in general. I am really looking forward to what the upcoming year will bring us!

Jan Hein Swillens

External relations

As an Industrial Design engineer student, I am keen to understand the full developmental process of various products. From the design to the production and manufacturing, and finally the implementation and testing, I was curious and eager to get practical experience. Solar Boat Twente would help me get this practical experience as well as thoroughly challenge me. With the following year of Solar Boat Twente I sincerely hope to deepen and reinforce theoretical knowledge with practical experience and broaden my horizons with respect not only within the structural subteam, but amongst other subteams too.

Ben Schweighauser


When I finished my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, I didn’t want to start my Master's immediately. Due to corona, I didn’t have the feeling of living the real student life. Therefore, I wanted to do something special before I continue to do my Master's. I have always wanted to get more experience in building stuff rather than doing all kinds of theoretical stuff. For this reason, it was a logical choice for me to apply for a student team. As part of the structural team, we aim to design a new boat that will allow the next generations of solar boat teams to innovate. What I want to achieve this year is more practical experience. But it is also very important for me to have a fun year!

Thomas de Ruiter


After completing my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, I was ready for something other than studying. During this study, the practical element of the knowledge I acquired was often lacking - something that interests me the most. I also didn't know which master's courses would suit me. That is why I came up with the idea of taking a gap year at Solar Boat Twente as a structural engineer. This year I will mainly focus on the practical tasks such as carbon fibre production, 3D printing and redesigning the hull and solar panel deck. I think I will learn a lot about this kind of technology this year, but I also hope to develop socially in professional interactions. In any case, this will be a great year together with the team!

Ruben Lange


As a kid, you could often find me in my fathers shed. There, I would be drilling, sawing and hammering away at many of my projects. For this reason, I started my studies in Mechanical Engineering. This was three years ago. Having now finished my bachelor, I am ready to face a new challenge! I am looking forward to improving my practical skills and to apply them in the real world. Just like old times, in my fathers shed. I am also glad to work towards making the maritime industry more sustainable. A sector which contributes largely to global pollution and sees minimal development in these areas. I look forward to achieving these goals at Solar Boat Twente, together with twenty highly motivated colleagues.

Wuy Kaijen


After finishing my bachelor Advanced Technology, I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to apply the broad technical knowledge that I gained in the past 3 years. Even before I started the Bachelor Advanced Technology, I knew that a student team would really be something for me. In the end I chose Solar Boat Twente because I think there is still a lot to gain in the field of sustainability in the maritime sector. This year I will be involved in the design of a new hull in the structural sub-team. I also help the team financially as treasurer

Stijn Kolkman

Structural | Treasurer

After completing my bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, I wanted to do something other than study. A student team immediately appealed to me because I wanted to broaden my technical knowledge and work together towards a wonderful goal. Solar Boat still had a lot to gain electronically, so it seemed like a great challenge to me. Together with the rest of the Electronics sub-team, I plan to build a great electronic system this year and develop myself in areas outside of electrical engineering!

Thijmen Hoeksma


A year or six ago I heard for the first time about solar boats and this competition, and it always kept my interest. This year I got the opportunity to be a part of Solar Team Twente, and I couldn't pass up that chance. My study, Applied Physics, taught me a bit about the theoretical side of electronics, and this year I hope to add the practical side to my knowledge as well. Besides keeping me busy with the electrical system, I'm also going to be part of the sustainability & innovation subteam. In that team I'm going to work on the physics behind sustainable materials and new ways of energy storage. I'm looking forward to a fun and challenging year full of innovation, to make the industry more sustainable and to make the fastest boat possible.

Romaly Grijpma


After completing my bachelor's in Electrical Engineering, I was looking for a new challenge for the practical application of my theoretical knowledge. Solar Boat Twente gives me the opportunity to experience this in a larger, longer-term project. At the same time I can experiment to make the latest technologies as efficient as possible. I am therefore looking forward to being able to show what is possible with the Boat and current technologies. Hopefully we can encourage the world to become more sustainable.

Dino Speyers


During my bachelor Business & IT I became interested in electronics, mechanical design and 3D-printing besides my existing programming interest. In addition, I wanted to expand my programming knowledge in the direction of embedded development. Because I was looking for a new challenge before I started my master's I went looking for a project where I could completely delve into my interests. The multidisciplinary work environment of SolarBoat seemed perfect to me for this. Therefore, I have become part of the Software subteam to improve our boat software-wise. I also am looking forward to learning from and working with the other engineering disciplines in our team.

Koen Molenaar


During my bachelor Creative Technology I discovered my passion for software development. With software, you are able to become ‘the brain’ of the product you are creating. Your code is what gives the correct impulses, to the correct sensors at the correct time. What drew me towards joining the team is the importance of combining all different elements within the boat in order to make it work as intended. Next to focusing on software, I want to integrate the UX design knowledge that I have gathered during my bachelor. The aim is to improve the user experience of the pilot within the cockpit of the boat. During the coming year, I am eager to come into contact with new companies while working on this multidisciplinary project with a passionate team.

Famke van den Boom


Hi, I'm Jules. Ever since I started studying at the University of Twente, I thought it would be great to join a student team. During my study Applied Physics I always got a lot of satisfaction from the projects we did and I look forward to diving all the way into this project. Together with Jelle I am responsible for the control system of the boat. We already have a good base from last year, the boat can fly in good conditions. Our goal is to make the control system more robust so that we can also fly in the rougher conditions of Monaco.

Jules Blom

Hydrofoils control

During my study of Advanced Technology, every module had a project combining all the theory of the separate courses. I really enjoyed these projects, but 10 weeks was usually just too short. Solar Boat is one big project like this, for a whole year working on something I really enjoy, with 20 other motivated students. As Control Engineer I'm responsible for the system that controls the hydrofoils so we can achieve a stable foiling in Monaco.

Jelle Idzenga

Hydrofoils control

Since the start of my bachelor's degree at the University of Twente, I was already interested in the student teams. Working on a large project for a year with many different and motivated students really appealed to me! It also seemed like a great way to learn a lot about multiple disciplines. During my studies I liked fluid mechanics and that is why I chose Solar Boat Twente. In the hydrofoils mechanical team, Luc and I will create a new mechanism which actuates the entire wing. I am looking forward to a year with many new theoretical and practical insights!

Martijn van de Ven

Hydrofoils Mechanical

After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics, I first wanted to look into different directions before starting my Master's. Because I sometimes felt that my Bachelor's was a bit too theoretical and abstract, a student team seemed like a nice challenge to gain more practical experience and find out which way I want to go with my Master's. Because of my love for boats and everything that has to do with boats, the choice for Solar Boat Twente was quickly made! As a member of the hydrofoil mechanical subteam, this year I will focus on creating a new hydrofoil system that will allow for a greater range of lift. This will make it easier to achieve a stable flight. I am looking forward to a year with many problems, which we will solve as a team. That's what makes working on a project like this so challenging!

Luc VIsser

Hydrofoils Mechanical

Hello, I am Jarno. After my Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering I felt like I needed a new challenge. I found that I enjoyed my time as a student, but time is flying. I like to work towards goals and that’s why I chose to work for Solar Boat Twente this year. I will be working in a multidisciplinary environment, here I will apply my knowledge on the design cycle and gain experience in business. Together with Joris, I will be developing the propulsion system of the boat to achieve great results in Monaco, as well as laying a good foundation for the next team to come.

Jarno Schukken


Vorig jaar hoorde ik voor het eerst van de studententeams. Na een bezoek wist ik gelijk dat ik wilde deelnemen aan zo'n team. Afgelopen jaar heb ik mijn derde jaar van Mechatronica afgerond. Na het lopen van deze 3 jaar ben ik toe aan meer praktijk ervaring. Solar Boat Twente is de perfecte plek om deze ervaring op te doen en mijn eigen kennis en ervaring toe te passen. Met als doel om dit jaar de aandrijving nog efficiënter en betrouwbaarder te maken om zo voor de winst in Monaco te gaan.Last year, I first heard about the student teams. After visiting, I knew right away that I wanted to join such a team. Last year, I completed my 3rd year of mechatronics. After running these 3 years, I am ready for more practical experience. Solarboat is the perfect place to gain this experience and apply my own knowledge and experience. With the aim of making the propulsion even more efficient and reliable this year to go for the win in Monaco.

Joris Blommestijn


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