team of 2018/2019

Stan is a bachelor student in Industrial Engineering and Management. His main goal is to make known the possibilities and the importance of sustainability. Moreover, he hopes to create a team that works together towards one goal.

Rob is a bachelor student in Civil Engineering who is interested in general contemporary technological developments. He chose this team because of his interest in physics regarding water, technology, team dynamics and especially because there are big steps to be taken with the new team, as this is only the second team.

Thomas Kolkman is a third-year bachelor student Mechanical Engineering. He has been interested in sustainability and water sports from an early age. Solar Boat Twente is an ideal way to combine both interests, and it is also a good learning experience.​

Mark recently completed his Bachelor's degree in Advanced Technology and is now realizing his ambition to be an active part of sustainability. By building a solar boat, he hopes to show that renewable energy can be widely used nowadays. Combining hydrodynamics, design and working in a multidisciplinary team is a challenge he wants to adopt.

Thomas Kneefel is a fourth-year bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering. Since he would like to do an extracurricular activity that also fits with his follow-up master Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Solar Boat Twente is an excellent opportunity to gain more practical experience. That is why Thomas is so enthusiastic about being a full academic year with Solar Boat Twente to achieve one goal: to achieve a podium place at the World Championships in Monaco.

Maarten is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Twente. Next year he will put energy into building a solar boat and winning as many races as possible. He believes that participation in a student team is a major addition to the learning process during the study. "The challenges that we have to face as a team will hopefully ensure that we can look back with pride."

Thomas Schaap is one of the many 'Thomassen' within the Solar Boat Twente team. Thomas is a fourth-year bachelor student in Mechanical Engineering who believes that the current generation must enter into the energy transition. Solar Boat is a way for Thomas to apply mechanical engineering in a team and make a statement to the world.

Margriet has completed her Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has been interested in advanced technology and hydrodynamics from an early age. Within Solar Boat Twente she has found a practical and innovative application to use her existing knowledge. Moreover, she hopes to show that solar energy can not only be applied in the automotive industry, but also has application in the maritime industry.

Danielle just finished her bachelor Mechanical Engineering and was searching for a project where the acquired knowledge could be applied. Working with innovative technologies and renewable energy took her interest. The reason to join Solar Boat Twente was easily made because it is a new project that can improve a lot during the upcoming year. ​

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics, Frank was looking for a challenge to gain some real hands-on experience in engineering. By joining Solar Boat Twente and aiming for a top rank in the Monaco World Championship, Frank hopes to contribute in pushing boundaries in solar energy technology developments. ​​

Stijn Louws is a bachelor student Mechanical Engineering. From a young age he has been interested in sustainable and technological innovations worldwide, from renewable energy to flying boats. Because he also really enjoys watersports, Solar Boat Twente was an easy choice. Stijn is looking forward to all the challenges ahead.​ ​

Arjan Wiegmink is a bachelor student mechanical engineering with an interest in vehicles and sustainability. Solar Boat Twente gives him the opportunity to combine different aspects of mechanical engineering and gain experience with the build and development of a sustainable vehicle. ​ ​​

Sander believes that solar energy is and will be the pillar of a sustainable development, using Solar Boat he wants to show this to a broader audience. Sander will be focussing on making a reliable electrical design, for a reliable design is the first step to a viable design. ​ ​

Yvon Gankema is a graduated Creative Technology student who just started the master Interaction Technology. The reason for her to strengthen the team as PR is because she believes this project is an interesting challenge which could lead to sustainable developments on the water. Which is why she wants to make sure Solar Boat Twente gets the attention it deserves. ​

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